Hardware Analysis, Certifications, and Development

Minimizing performance failures and risks in compliance tests and certifications. Developing high-capacity software and hardware.

Telecom Testing

What We Do

Ensuring compliance with international regulatory requirements
Full coverage of certification requirements
Custom trials and tests in search of solutions
Ventureiro conferindo os dados em uma máquina no laboratório de testes do Venturus

What you do you need?

Hardware Development

For those seeking a business partner to create and validate accurate prototypes with confidentiality. This is where we develop software and carry out the entire process of design, drilling, component positioning, and soldering of the prototype on our LPKF line.

Communication tests

We follow international standards to guarantee communication quality on devices that use cellular/wireless technology, such as mobile devices, IoT and payment methods.

Analysis of acquirer applications

Don't worry about complying with the acquirers' needs. Leave that concern to us. We conduct application performance verification, including the creation and validation of customized tests required by them.

Battery performance tests

For those who need to perform battery endurance and consumption tests in various situations, such as: charging time, discharging, number of transactions, battery profile, and an analysis of the Product, Battery, and Application set.

Support for SW development and improvement

Before deploying an application, developers need to test the code across the various layers and scenarios that a cellular network requires in real-life situations.

Here in our Lab, we have network simulators, so these tests take place in a controlled environment with maximum assertiveness, complying with all the regulations of the National Telecommunications Agency and all international 3GPP standards.

Failure analysis

We reproduce the identified faults in the field and tests that have already failed certifications, collecting logs and interacting with manufacturers to help resolve the issues found. You will receive all the information needed for your product to be certified.

Multioperator simcard tests

Ensure compliance with network connection and data transmission for all Brazilian cell phones operators.

Anatel pre-tests

Need assurance before sending your devices to Anatel? We perform tests required by the National Telecommunications Agency and have already corrected any identified issues, so you can leave here with everything ready to be approved. We use equipment certified by ISO 17025 standards.

Operators tests

Anticipate the tests required by cellular operators to purchase devices. To do this, we have a controlled and secure environment, with the capacity to simulate network conditions in other countries.

Functional tests

Do you want to make sure that the functions are working properly before placing your product on the market? We develop customized test cases to meet the needs of different customers and operators.

Parametric testing and pre-certification

Do you need to comply with the 3GPP standard? Check out the methodologies with which we work:

  • LTE (4G/4G+)
  • UMTS (3G)
  • HSPA+ (3G+)
  • CatM1
  • NB-IoT
  • IPv6 – Anatel/RFCs
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
Climate tests

Before the products are marketed, it is necessary to verify the operation and performance of the devices under extreme physical conditions, with very high or very low temperatures, and different humidity levels.

Here we validate in a programmable climate chamber, ranging from -40 to +150 Celsius degrees and humidity control ranging from 20 to 95%.


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