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We create your digital product or service from scratch. Optimize costs and streamline operations by hiring IT outsourcing services from highly talented software engineers with multiple technological backgrounds such as AI, Web, Mobile and Cloud.

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Demand for developers, software engineers, and other IT specialties is constantly growing. That´s why we are offering you the opportunity to access highly qualified and talented software engineering teams to meet your business needs.

Success stories

Paper & Packaging

Venturus developed a complete marketplace system for one of the world´s leader in carton packaging industry. The digital platform we have built has some features like management and quotation of customized cartons for the business needs, like dimensions, appearance, material, printing, as well as logistical aspects of delivery and deadlines. For smaller orders, the platform connects customers with suppliers in order to attend their needs.


Venturus developed a lot of products and solutions for the financial industry.  We mention two very important cases that we are proud of: an application for buying and selling cryptocurrencies for a specialized client in this area; and another application for user financing and consortia information in the automotive sector. The automotive customer wanted to increase the audience and the results with the application exceeded expectations.

Payment Methods

Venturus has a lot of experience developing solutions for the Payment Industry. Some solutions we are used to develop: software automation tests for terminals and their integration with complete payment ecosystems, and the development of Tap on Phone solutions. We have a Telecommunications Test and Development laboratory capable of testing payment terminal hardware. There we performed equipment performance tests for application and failure analysis, and multi-operator SIM card verification.

Consumer Goods - Eletronics

Venturus has a long history developing products for the consumer goods industry, with projects of hardware and software solutions.  Some of our main competencies that we can list are: IoT hardware development, embedded and core software for mobile devices (like Android and Linux), and application development for a great number of devices.

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Our mission is to create customized solutions for various market sectors, such as electrical and electronics, paper and packaging industry, means of payment, finance, utilities, and others. We are known for solving the seemingly impossible. We map complete scenarios and deliver real value through a highly skilled workforce in technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud, web, mobile, and cybersecurity.

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More than 25 years providing R&D and software development services.

Our clients are among the 500 fortune companies.

Design centered methodology – from discovery to delivery: we reduce risks to ensure development effectiveness.

More than 100 million devices sold worldwide contains Venturus software.

Accelerate deliveries, increase the quality of your digital products and achieve market leadership!

Accelerate deliveries, increase the quality of your digital products and achieve market leadership!

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