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Success Case: Medical Equipment Monitoring

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In this post, you will get to know MPEM (Monitoramento Preditivo de Equipamentos Médicos — Medical Equipment Predictive Monitoring), a Canon Medical System of Brazil’s tool for remote access and IoT. It is a system that allows monitoring of medical equipment and its use. Thus, the tool helps teams avoid unscheduled stops, making a difference in clinics and hospitals, as well as in people’s health and lives.

In this post, we had the input of Marcelo Camera, development manager at Venturus in charge of Canon and Thales accounts.

Next, we bring you not only the what MPEM is and how it works, but information on innovation, project management and partnership. Check it out!


What is MPEM?

MPEM is a system that monitors the performance of Canon Medical equipment remotely. Based on the information collected, it is possible to predict failures of the components of various machines such as RMI, CT, ultrasound and X-ray. In addition, the solution monitors sensors necessary for the correct operation of these pieces of equipment.

In a period of 6 to 7 years, the solution has been programmed to use the huge amounts of data generated by equipment, which is recorded in the form of logs. Based on it, it is possible to verify information from the simplest to the most complex — the moment an exam has started to more technical and complex data —, to avoid unscheduled stops.

Thus, MPEM allows the adoption of more assertive maintenance strategies, such as:

  • the adoption of predictive maintenance;
  • greater precision in preventive maintenance;
  • increased agility in corrective maintenance.

That is, in addition to avoiding all the negative (human and economic) effects of unplanned interruptions in the equipment, the system optimizes maintenance processes and improves the performance of the equipment, by replacing components that can impair its operation, even when there is no total stop of the machine.


How did Venturus contribute to MPEM?

Canon Medical System of Brazil had already developed the MPEM system, which collected different types of information. The company needed to identify which data needed to be monitored among the thousands of logs generated by the equipment.

In addition, there was no survey of the operating standards that needed to be respected, that is, that corresponded to the correct operation of the many components in each specific machine.

Initially, Venturus proposed to identify which logs were useful and to create a way to prioritize information. Then, these logs were referred to the teams of Canon Medical System of Brazil, which were able to debug and classify them, identifying the criteria that allowed the team to determine preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance procedures. In the words of Marcelo Camera:

“Venturus has been creating, along with Canon, a suite of products around MPEM. It started with development for segregation of logs, then, there was the targeting of logs to the Canon maintenance and customer support teams, sending alerts, creating access and apps.”

According to him, the possibility of monitoring what happens to equipment remotely has a significant effect on productivity of users who work with higher levels of excellence.

We develop medical equipment monitoring systems!

Developing a solution for medical equipment monitoring

To make this possible, Marcelo suggests a defined and proven efficient process:

“We started by understanding the client’s desires and adding innovative ideas that can help Canon in the product lifecycle and make it more attractive.”

The objectives in the development of this product were to optimize maintenance procedures, which included a significant improvement in the logistics aspect. With remote monitoring, Canon Medical System of Brazil teams travel to the location of the equipment with knowledge of the problem to be solved.

This ensures, for example, that they take the parts and tools necessary for the procedures needed, excluding prior visits aimed at diagnosing the defect after it has generated a larger problem, such as an unexpected stop or the break of another part, damaged by the malfunction of a component.

In addition to the undeniable gain in agility, costs are also impacted, since MPEM reduces the need for personnel, equipment and tools displacements, in addition to providing important data to make forecasts of demand for parts and services.


What are the benefits?

The Canon Medical System Platform states that MPEM has the purpose of providing the best after-sales experience, highlighting the benefits of:

  • agility;
  • efficiency from the first contact;
  • fewer steps in the maintenance process;
  • proactive monitoring of medical equipment;
  • immediate interventions;
  • application of advanced algorithms in predictions;
  • suggestion of protocols for improvement in the quality of diagnostic images — when authorized by the client.

MPEM establishes a secure connection between medical equipment and MPEM servers at Canon. Once this communication channel is established, the indicators monitored by the system are generated and presented graphically in a dashboard.

Support for medical equipment

Performing imaging tests

Through this interface, MPEM allows equipment to monitored from anywhere, so that monitoring of different locations (such as multiple clinics, laboratories and hospitals) can be carried out in a centralized and practical manner.

A priori, all Canon equipment installed and connected via internet access can be monitored. As a result, it is possible to identify serious problems, such as:

  • reduction in input levels necessary for proper operation of equipment;
  • variations of the machines feed;
  • environmental conditions of the examination room.

Canon’s reduction in operating costs and maintenance services is noticeable and representative, generating a high return on investment — easily measurable from total man/hour costs in maintenance.



MPEM has made a difference and stood out as innovative by:

  • monitoring high-cost equipment in a preventive and predictive manner;
  • expediting unavoidable corrective maintenance;
  • enabling the incorporation of monitoring in various models and types of equipment, covering Canon’s entire product portfolio;
  • allowing the inclusion of peripheral services that can be marketed by Canon.

The project offered a platform for monitoring all types of equipment in a simple and unified way. In addition, it contributes to the understanding of the operation of these machines and allows the creation and optimization of the maintenance processes of these assets. Thus, it increases the service life of the equipment and efficiency of the maintenance teams, bringing gains in many aspects of the process.

You can get more information about MPEM right now!

Contact us to know more about MPEM and our other success cases!

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