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How we work - Squads

Less uncertainty, more results and confidence

We know what you’re looking for: solutions that surprise your customers, requiring minimal time and resources. You seek quality in project development and the partnership focused on innovation. You want someone you can trust. We are that someone.

You don’t need to be held hostage by a single company when your project development ends. For this reason, we carry out an integral transfer of knowledge of everything that has been created, so that you can choose how you want to continue the evolution and support of your product or service. Freedom and flexibility to make decisions are part of our way of being and it is only right that our clients enjoy this culture.

What do you get with squads?

Agile Methodologies

Squads are the main tool of Agile methodologies.

For your business, this means the guarantee of fast and cyclical deliveries, in addition to close contact with our teams, which puts you and your costumers at the center of the development process itself.

The result is the end of wasted efforts and costs and the delivery of agility not only in development but in decision-making.

It is the certainty that you pay only for what you receive and not for a provision of expendable risks.

How do squads work?

We assemble a rigorously selected team to meet the development needs of your product or service, be it an application, a system or even a piece of internet of Things (IoT) hardware.

It can include figures such as architects, developers, QAs, Designers and Product Owners, among others. Know more:

Have an expert team to solve your challenges:

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