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Alexa Development

The voice era has arrived! We develop apps for Alexa and other virtual assistants in the Brazilian market. 

What is a Skill?

A Skill is an app developed for the Alexa platform, similar to mobile apps, that makes the virtual assistant smarter than ever. Skills available for Alexa range from simple quiz games for kids to home automation such as activation of lights, air conditioning, audio devices, among others.  


Galinha Pintadinha is a Skill for streaming videos and stories of the child character Galinha Pintadinha (also known as Lottie Dottie Chicken) and its friends, allowing it to be played on all Alexa devices. Another feature is the “Ovo Surpresa” (“Surprise Egg”) option, a quiz game that can be activated through Alexa. The Skill was developed primarily for children and in Brazilian Portuguese.  


Porta dos Fundos is a Skill made on the YouTube platform for Alexa. It is used for streaming the best videos of the humor YouTube channel Porta dos Fundos (translated as Backdoor), with the convenience of automatically resuming videos where you stopped watching.  

Be part of the transformation

The voice era is already here! Develop your Alexa Skill with us.

The coffee is on us 😉