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IoT in Healthcare

In the healthcare field we know the importance of a working machine and the inconvenience that stopping an equipment can bring to a clinic, hospital and even the producer of that equipment. This was the challenge that one of our customers that produces medical equipment such as ultrasonography, x-rays and tomography had brought to us, of how to monitor the status of a large and expensive machine, since it’s not possible to open it or have a dedicated team of analysis for each equipment spread throughout Latin America.

The software and hardware solution – both made at Venturus – in addition to reducing costs for the customer, allowed the service to gain agility. From prototype, it turned to a product, and it is homologated by ANATEL. Since its development in March 2017, every ultrasound sold by the company has been accompanied by this technology. With this first module implemented, the company was able to reduce the number of trips of the technical team by 50%

There also was the second part of this project, which was the use of alarms that the equipment already went off through the company’s own software to generate data for preventive maintenance, thus helping even more the productivity of machine and its location, whether a hospital or a clinic.


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