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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a reality for many manufacturers and Venturus customers could not be left out of it. We teamed up with a client from Campinas area and had the challenge of programming a robotic arm to assist in the notebook packaging process.

The robotic arm was purchased in the market, a Universal Robot (UR-10), capable of communicating with other peripherals, but the design of the claw to make viable movements is ours! An important hardware development project that happens here.
The movements are controlled by a tablet that follows the UR-10 where all movement code updates are done, such as tagging, pallet assembly, sensor check and communication with the system.
The customer’s packaging process used to be totally operated by people, in this sense, imagine the number of constant movements that could generate risks such as ergonomic dysfunctions, differences in the label sizing pattern and problems with absenteeism. Robots like this come to reduce the risks of this happening, since they are programmable and carry sensors that detect when they touch something.
In addition, efficiency is increased in the assembly line, since with the robotic arm, the reading of bar codes and label identification became much faster and assertive.

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