6 applications to use the QR Code in your company

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O QR Code has become more and more present in everyone's life. It can now be used in various everyday scenarios, in addition to the corporate and industrial environment. Thus, knowing it and knowing how to apply it can make a big difference in a company's results.

The QR Code system is an important part of digital transformation. Developed in Japan, it was initially used to catalog parts in vehicle production and has now been widely applied to the so-called Industry 4.0 for inventory management and inventory control.

In this article, we are going to introduce some of the main applications of QR Code and the benefits it can provide to organizations as a whole. Read on to learn more!

How does the QR Code work?

The QR Code, short for Quick Response Code (Quick Response Code), is a visual representation of binary information, which can contain data both horizontally and vertically. This two-dimensional feature is its difference from the conventional barcode, which allows reading only in the horizontal dimension.

Being a bidirectional barcode, its reading is done by smartphones or other electronic devices with a camera. From your reading, it can open an app, a text, SMS, phone number, or in an email. In addition, if the device also has internet access, the code can be converted into a URL address and open different types of content.

As it supports this range of extensive content, the QR Code opens up many possibilities of use in various segments. Let's go to some applications:

1. Information propagation

The accessibility available in QR Codes allows you to transmit any type of message for industrial, commercial or corporate purposes. Using apps or the smartphone camera, it is possible to scan the two-dimensional code and access the information online.

QR Codes make it possible Loading simple texts, favoring the use of this technology to share information, which makes them very common in products and packaging from various sectors.

2. Payments and bank transactions

Tela de celular mostrando pagamento via QR Code

In addition to enable online payments with greater agility, the QR Code can direct customers at the time of purchase, transferring the amounts directly to an ERP system.

This makes it easier to manage financial information. It is possible to keep account data and make transfers by reading the QR Code to capture information, as with the PIX.

This function is very useful, especially for retailers and service providers, since they may receive payments for their products and services, they must pay intermediaries such as machine and card operators.

3. Check-in and forms

As the QR Code is capable of opening links, it has already been widely used for Connect spaces and allow people to check in. In these cases, it can open login forms/pages or open a specific application.

The last case is what happens with one of the Venturus products: Lockdesk. The solution allows the company's employees to reserve workstations and, when they arrive at the office, check in using QR Codes located on the tables.

The camera reads the code, which opens directly in the mobile version of the application, which is already logged in with the employee's information.

Do you want to know how to implement the QR Code in your company? Get in touch with us!

4. Optimization of inventory control

The application of the QR Code in product storage processes helps to: Identifying and locating large amounts of information, such as the description of the product, the manufacturing batch, the expiration date, the quantity, and others.

It can also be used very efficiently in industry for Inventory movement, when it is necessary to detect products, pallets, and storage locations, such as shelves, floors, or addresses. In this way, this type of technology can bring benefits to the inventory, such as:

  • agility in the separation and shipment of products after reading the QR Code;
  • inspection of quantities of separate products for shipment, avoiding possible delivery failures;
  • convenience for viewing storage addresses, simplifying the storage operation;
  • registration of the products delivered to each customer, facilitating tracking;
  • security and simplification in the processes involving inventory.

5. Marketing

Bringing experience to customers through personalized QR Codes enhances the marketing of any company. This is because many consumers value the layout of the packages, in their shapes and colors, as well as the information contained in them. Thus, this technology can be used to transform them into a multichannel experience.

The barcode can also be used in marketing to improve brand identity or even serve as a business card, directing the consumer to the site, to conversion forms, and to product catalogs.

6. Sales

Mulher com um celular recebendo o pagamento por QR Code

The QR Code - present both online and in strategic places - helps to awaken consumer curiosity, taking them to the online pages of promotions, product specifications and brand history, motivating them to Search for more content in the company's online environment.

In addition, it allows you to store various information that can be used on labels or packaging, such as instructions for use, nutritional information, addresses, and other details.

Get the benefits of the QR Code in your company

Venturus helps you implement QR Code in your business, whether focused on sales, marketing, industry or office information.

The use of the QR Code provides several benefits, such as:

  • helps to increase profitability;
  • increases competitiveness;
  • contributes to product logistics;
  • improves consumer engagement;
  • optimizes processes;
  • enhances marketing for industry and retail;
  • provides enchantment in the customer experience.

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