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Beyond technical knowledge: breaking down corporate walls

Technical knowledge can generally be a comfort zone when it comes to promoting exchanges between employees, right? But, if we look outside this “safe” area, could companies encourage conversations on topics unrelated to their expertise?

Talks and actions on social issues and diversity can be used to break down corporate walls and drive real change in the lives of employees and even in society as a whole.

Venturus has the power — and perhaps even the duty — to share knowledge and promote actions that bear good fruit to all Ventureiros and Ventureiras. “The company is a social structure and must consider its role as a catalyst for ideas, knowledge and cultural references in the lives of each of our employees, not only with regard to their technical development”, points out Andressa Greggio, responsible for Communication and Community at Venturus.


A universe of possibilities far beyond technical knowledge

Currently, we are about 500 Ventureiros and Ventureiras. Can you imagine how many stories, experiences and dreams we have gathered here? Favoring this environment of experience exchange, which allows people to be themselves, has everything to do with creating a much more enriching day-to-day for each employee.

“In addition to being a catalyst for people’s professional development, the company is also a dialogue facilitator, right? Therefore, it is its duty to reveal socio-cultural ties between employees. To ignore that each person is a universe of references in eternal expansion would be to turn our backs on the richness and individuality of our people — something that we value very much at Venturus”, points out Andressa.

Considering all this, we chose to break our paradigms and go beyond the talks about technical knowledge. After all, as Andressa points out, “any collaborative environment that does not talk about culture, society, behavior and all the complex facets of the human experience is too gray and boring for people to stay in for long.” And this gray reality is exactly the opposite of what we want to offer to our Ventureiros and Ventureiras.

We choose to be a humanized company, with space for the most diverse discussions. In the end, this is what allows us to embrace diversity more and more and drive, from the inside out, real change in society as a whole.

“For some time now, we have grown the desire to extend this practice to those who follow and interact with us on social media. We are a whole universe and we want to share this with the world,” says Andressa.

The safest way, surely, is to share technical knowledge. But, here at Venturus, we’ve never been fans of the safest way. That is why we continue like this: with openness to new discussions and in search of much more diversity to enrich these conversations that take place here and that we want to take to the world.

You feel that Venturus’ work environment is the right fit for you and would like to be part of this environment of exchange that goes beyond technical knowledge? Activate our job alert to know when there are opportunities that have to do with your profile.

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